Working Group on “Coaching”


A group of faculty members, researchers and postgraduate students from the Università Pontificia della Santa Croce study the phenomenon of “Coaching”.

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    Study Group

    In September 2013, professors and researchers dedicated to the subject of “coaching” form a working group in the University. This term refers to the occupation, well known in many parts of the world, in which a “coach”, through a creative process, stimulates reflection, inspiring the client to maximize his own personal and professional potential. The results achievable through coaching are noteworthy: a person can quickly reach objectives that would otherwise require years to attain - or maybe not at all - if left alone; one becomes aware of new aspects of one's self and reality, gains decisional abilities, grows in freedom, self-esteem and flexibility. Considering that the University deals with the integral formation of human beings in an environment that promotes freedom and personal responsibilities, it cannot remain indifferent to such an instrument of growth and personal development. As such, it has created a working group to deepen the understanding on the subject and evaluate the possibility of inserting it in the institution.

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    Annual Conference 2014 – Personal Flourishing in Organizations

    The 2014 Annual Conference on Personal Flourishing in Organizations (, has provided an insight to the reflections on coaching through lectures by experts and practical workshops.

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    The first outcome of such intellectual collaboration is the book Desiderio e Consapevolezza. Fondamenti e Fenomenologia del coaching, from the series MCE Notebooks published in July, 2014. In this book, coaching is tackled academically from various disciplinary perspectives. The text, although a work of academic critical analysis, contains concrete, real world practicalities.

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    Head of Project

    During the 2014/2015 academic year, the working group is focusing mainly on gaining experience with the fundamental tools of coaching. Subsequently it will consider the anthropological and epistemological aspects of such study so as to insert it in the University. For more information, please contact the project director. Federica Bergamino.

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