MbE - Campus Bio-Medico


The course is structured around the four cardinal virtues applied to work, particularly within the academic context of the “Biomedical Campus.” Obviously the charism of St. Josemaría—faithfully passed on by Bl. Alvaro del Portillo, inspiration for the Biomedical Campus—is the course’s background and source. Beginning with the virtue of justice, linked to the idea of living together according to the virtues at an institutional level, the participants will be given the instruments to take what they have learned during this formation and situate it in the broadest framework or corporate culture, with its technological, symbolic, and institutional elements. The study of the virtues continues with temperance, fortitude, and prudence, covering each one in its specificity and with particular reference to the working context of the participants. Throughout the sessions, the theme of the virtues will not only be addressed theoretically; rather, each participant will be called to confront concrete cases proposed in the classroom. This allows for the development of the content with a view towards the realization of unity of life. Methodologically, the lessons begin with the exposition of a virtue followed by the discussion of a case related to that virtue: this allows for active participation and debate among the participants. The teachers involved are professors of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Edition 2016

Edition 2015