History of Economic Thought


The MCE Research Centre hosts a triennial seminar entitled, “The History of Economic Thought and Christian Faith”.

This seminar was designed to follow the history of economic thought from its origins in the ecclesial environment to contemporary economic theories, allowing them to be examined in light of the principal themes of the Christian faith.

The goal of this seminar is to facilitate the exchange of bibliographical information among professors and other interested persons and to examine in depth those studies on various economic schools and authors who have animated and continue to develop the debate on economics.

Speakers from different academic backgrounds and a mixed public become part of a winning combination for lively debates on both current themes and those which are yet to be discovered.

New Issue. Cycle III 2015-2016

New Issue. Cycle II 2014-2015

New Issue. Cycle I 2013-2014

Cycle III. 2012-2013 Theory of Contemporary Economics

Cycle II. 2011-2012 From Pre-Smithian Authors to the Marginalist Revolution

Cycle I. 2010-2011 Historical Schools

Previous years