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MCE Research Centre

The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre (MCE) of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross was founded in 2009 with the aim of studying in a systematic and scientific way the ethical aspects (social and individual) of economic and social life, in the light of reason and the Catholic faith. At the same time, it has an ecumenical and interreligious approach since social problems can only be resolved by a joint effort and in dialogue with contemporary culture. MCE’s academic activities are open to scholars and economic practitioners in all areas as they provide necessary elements for a true dialogue of faith with the world. MCE does not align itself with any particular school of economic thought, and it is open to all schools of thought as long as they are compatible with Christian anthropology, as expressed in the encyclicals, Centesimus Annus and Caritas in Veritate.
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Graduate Seminar about "Economics and Catholic Social Thought: A Primer"

Piazza San Pietro Citta del Vaticano

MCE with the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture and the Catholic Research Economists Discussion Organization are organizing a Seminar about Economics and Catholic Social Thought. The Course will be from 22 to 27 of May

This seminar is designed as an introduction and immersion into Catholic social thought for graduate students and faculty in economics, finance, or related fields. Participants will cover foundational principles in Catholic social thought starting with the human person, dignity, freedom, subsidiarity, solidarity, and the common good, and moving toward applications of these principles to conceptual understandings and ethical considerations involving economic topics such as utility theory, firm and business ethics, wages, markets, globalization, poverty, and development. Participants will delve into social encyclicals, secondary sources, and relevant economics texts.

There will be twenty hours of class in addition to a full Roman experience.  Classroom activities will be supplemented with opportunities for daily Mass, meetings with Church leadership, and visits to famous sights in Rome.

The seminar will take place in Rome, split between the University of Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway and the Pontificia Università della Santa CroceStudents will be provided with accommodations and meals, and a limited number of travel stipends are available on a need basis.

This seminar will be open to Ph.D. students and faculty in Economics, Finance and related fields.

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