Management by Ethics


 Management by Ethics is an initiative directed towards Italian companies, with the objective of combining a shared practical experience of the business world with a greater elaboration of its ethical and anthropological foundations.

In order to obtain such an end, a different theme is proposed every year, and its various aspects are treated in three or four sessions. The strength of the program is found in the modality of these sessions: in addition to a business case, generally presented and expounded upon by one of its protagonists, a lesson explaining the theoretical foundations of such a practice is given by a professor of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Preparations for the session allow both speakers, together with a member of the Scientific Committee, to align their presentations. Within the sessions themselves, ample space is left for debate, which is usually animated and full of ideas to be developed.

Since 2014, Management by Ethics has a new format: Inspiring Breakfast

Edition 2015-2016

Edition 2014-2015