Rediscovering the Basic Charism by Living its Virtues


Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, Padre Pio’s Hospital

San Giovanni Rotondo 

At the request of Dr. Crupi, the General Director of the Hospital, MCE has been involved in the planning and conducting of a course at the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, in San Giovanni Rotondo. This hospital, inaugurated by St. Padre Pio, felt the need for a course whereby they could aid hospital workers to once again carry out their work with the spirit of the original charism. Entitled “Riscoprire il charisma fondazionale vivendone le virtù” (Rediscovering the basic charism by living its virtues), sessions are structured on the basis of two encounters, each consisting of a two-hour theoretical session with an hour workshop that allows participants to discuss and resolve a particular situation and certain virtues it requires. The course has just started its sixth year and has very good reception among the staff.

Course Structure

Session 1

I.    The theological meaning of charisms and their influence on life in society         (institutional ethics)

II.The theological dimension of illness and of evil; the virtues of one who heals and happiness.

Session 2

I.   The three theological virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) at work. Part I.

II. The three theological virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) at work. Part II.

III. Lukewarmness.

Session 3

I.   Understanding how to apply the cardinal virtues: Prudence and Justice.

II.Understanding how to apply the cardinal virtues: Fortitude and Temperance.

Session 4

I.   Humility as the capacity to listen and give feedback.

II. Magnanimity as the capacity to pursue grand ideals.