MCE: Global Summit on Human Flourishing


From January 3 to 5, 2013, an international seminar on Christian anthropology, organized by the Research Centre “Markets, Culture and Ethics” took place at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. It brought together roughly 25 professors of business education from 15 business schools, mainly from Europe and Latin America, to discuss the Christian identity in business education with professors of philosophy and theology of the Pontifical University.

The interdisciplinary and transcultural exchange was enriching as the different approaches and interests became manifest. The Theologians were mainly worried about the lack of awareness of institutional ethics in their field of science, whereas the business professors were striving to insert the value and anthropological dimension into their teaching. Thus, mutually complementary talks and encounters were possible. The Mexican school IPADE presented a case (caso Vicente), which is having considerable success, because it allows a full explanation of the whole spectrum of anthropological issues. The philosophical depth of the arguments is no obstacle to their practical relevance – to the contrary, several of the participants were able to identify themselves with Vicente.

January 8, 2013